Monthly Archives: April 2015

CRM Software Companies – How They Improve Your Business

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a business’s duty to attend to its clients’ needs. It is a very broad term that covers various customer interaction responsibilities such as generating sales, performing marketing and advertising tasks, technical support, and the usual customer assistance. It is one of the biggest assets of a company, as it…
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How to Be an IT Business Analyst – Dubai Will Show You How

We have finally arrived in the digital age where most things are already automated and operated by computers. When we wish to know about something or communicate with another person from a distant location, for instance, we often find ourselves sitting in front of our laptops or computers to accomplish the tasks. That being said,…
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Ecommerce Website Design – Dubai Design Trend Walkthrough

An ecommerce site isn’t just about business. It’s made up of not just a bunch of products and overloading information that can drive readers away. Instead, it should also express creativity and inject a little entertainment to its design in order to excite and draw more people in. that being said, you must know the…
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