Monthly Archives: May 2015

IT Consulting Companies – Improving Business Through Modern Methods

When was the last time you went to a supermarket and saw the staff do transactions manually using a pen and paper? Or to an office and observe that the workers do paperwork without computers or laptops? Today is the era which is dominated by modern technologies such as mobile phones, tablets, and other advanced…
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IT Service Desk – the Best Tool to Increase Customer Satisfaction

When your cable TV isn’t showing any picture or if your internet connection shuts down all of a sudden, who do you call first? Your service provider, of course. But do you think those who work in the main office are the same people who would actually take your call and resolve your complaint? Nope,…
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IT Infrastructure Services – an Amazing Business Solutions Tool

We are past the age when a traditional business does everything manually. Back in the day, when you wanted to put up a large corporation with several different branches and clients, you had to hire a whole lot of people to manage the accounting, customer relations, marketing, sales, and human resources tasks separately, because there…
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