IT Health Check and How It Works

IT Health Check ProcessIn the UK, there are several different government branches and organizations that possess vital information which are to be kept at full confidentiality due to various reasons. Some are kept from the public’s knowledge to preserve privacy, while some remain a secret to uphold the government’s control over the nation’s peace and order. Nevertheless, there are data that should be kept private and there is no better way of keeping it in such condition than using information technology systems to prevent intruders from hacking into the database.

Though IT systems such as those designed to be impenetrable by overriding software programs, there are still loopholes in their matrix that make them vulnerable at times. That being said, it is important to conduct an IT health check to make sure that every aspect of an IT system is secure and error-proof. There are also many third-party software companies that offer such a service, but there are some that are too critical and should be handled by the CESG or Communications-Electronics Security Group alone.

The CESG not only does IT health check but it also accredits other companies that perform the same tasks. It is also responsible for the testing and evaluation of government departments’ communication systems to guarantee that they cannot be tapped or tampered with. The software companies that it certifies must be authorized to access HMG Information Assurance Standard No.1 or IS1, security guidelines that apply on government computer systems in the country. The UK, having one of the strongest and impenetrable network of computers in the world, is the only country that has the support of the CESG and follows a certain security standard or protocol which can prove to be very useful in many industries.

Before executing the procedure, a CHECK-certified IT health check company should first have an IS1 or other approved system risk assessment tool to carefully diagnose the program subject to checking. During the process, a team of debugging experts led by representative from CHECK will carry out the system testing and monitoring procedure before creating an overall report. After gauging the results, CESG will decide whether the system is qualified or not.

The price of every IT health check project is measured by the complexity of the system which will undergo evaluation. An assessment process can go as far as checking a system’s infrastructure which includes the coding or programming and function of each application present. The penetration testing that ensures the system’s susceptibility to hacking also plays a big role in the cost. The size of team or number of laborers is also considered in the budget.

As for the timeline, the schedule of completion depends on the approval of the CESG. However, the IT health check company that will do the system check should consult the CESG around three months before the actual evaluation process. Though it is a long and complicated process, such practice truly prevents technical risks and issues that can damage not just one but several people involved in the established IT system.

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