Cloud Applications

Cloud Services and Cloud Business Applications

Why Cloud?

Cloud Services are a perfect match for Small & Medium Size Enterprises

Independent of your physical location or your hardware, cloud computing is a user friendly, professional and convenient way of using specific computing services.

It enables you to access email, documents, calendars, applications and collaboration tools from anywhere. You can manage and secure your desktops from anywhere too. As long as there is an internet connection, you can everything you need in the Cloud.

SME and the Cloud

If all you need from IT is e-mail and file sharing and maybe an accounting package, then why not reduce your upfront IT systems costs to almost zero and convert your ongoing IT cost to a known fixed monthly fee. No more servers and server rooms, no more software licenses or upgrade costs, no more in-house IT staff and no more downtime or IT systems upgrade projects.

Many businesses have started using cloud services and as a result reduced their IT costs significantly while at the same time benefiting from improved security, functionality and accessibility.


  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft CRM
  • HR and Accounting Systems
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Anti Virus Solutions


  • Reduction in costs
  • Work from anywhere
  • Scale up or down on demand
  • Guaranteed up time
  • Quick and easy implementation
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