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Are You Looking To Sell Online?

GrönteQ can help you establish a new online sales platform
or improve your existing web shop

We are experts in the design, build and promotion of bespoke ecommerce websites for wide range of sectors. We can help companies greatly increase their online turnover through better designed websites and processes.

Why Choose GrönteQ?

What we offer that most other companies in the market don’t is our bespoke process design and reengineering expertise. This is a crucial part of an ecommerce platform which is often overlooked. Most ecommerce developers in the Middle East market are good coders however they do not have the knowledge and capabilities to implement the correct ecommerce / online shop business processes. They leave this business critical aspect up to their clients to understand and accomplish on their own.

At GrönteQ, we start the project by first understanding your business and its objectives. This phase is the first and longest part of the entire project. The next phases, graphics design, development and coding are actually the easiest part followed by testing, training of your staff and go-live.

The next good thing? We do not stop here. We include in all of our ecommerce / online shop projects a “Hand Holding” phase. Following the go-live on the first day, one of our ecommerce consultants will be with you in your office for an agreed number of days to assist, troubleshoot possible errors and answer your employees’ questions. During the hand holding phase, we will also guide you on a hands-on basis how to maintain the content of your new ecommerce site.

What we deliver

GrönteQ is a preferred business partner that delivers all technical and maintenance that you possibly would need for your online shop. We want to free you up from these essential but non-core tasks so that you can focus on the business of selling more online

  • Cost effective UAE based online Credit Card Payment Gateway (PGW)
  • Native AED Payment Gateway i.e. no currency exchange & support for other currencies (USD, Euro, etc)
  • Graphics Design of your online shop / Business to Business site
  • Integration with other business applications i.e. ERP, accounting software, etc.
  • Integration with external services i.e. google map, support chat, suppliers, etc.
  • Guidance for domain registration, hosting, etc.
  • Tailor-made Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ongoing support services.
  • We can take care of all technical and maintenance aspects of your ecommerce site.
  • We are expert in most platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, WordPress etc.
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Our Areas of Expertise

Things for School

Ecommerce Design

The insight you need to establish an effective online presence.

Mobile Phone


Enable your web shop for mobile customers.

How Messages Are Delivered

Multi Channel

Sell to both end customer and other businesses.

Mobile Devices

Responsive Sites

Allow your customers to use any type of device.

Call us on +971 44 34 24 54 to learn more about our services