Secure, Friction-less Device & Identity Management

Fully Integrated Identity Lifecycle with MFA, MDM, Patch Management, & System Insights Across Apple, Windows, & Linux Devices

Trusted by Over 200K Organizations Worldwide

Multi Platform

JumpCloud works with all systems, including Mac, Windows, iPad, Android, etc. Remote management with cross-OS support

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Over 700 connectors to most popular applications like Slack, AWS, Salesforce and SAML with custom SCIM available for other apps


Visibility across your IT environment, including information on device hardware, operating system and applications to identify potential security risks.

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User Lifecycle Management (IAM)

Passwordless Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Password Manager


Desktop, Server & Mobile MDM

AD Integration or Migration

Compliance Reporting

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A Dubai-based retail chain faced challenges with their outdated IT infrastructure. Gronteq implemented JumpCloud, resulting in a 40% increase in operational efficiency and a significant boost in customer satisfaction and sales.

Retail Revolution Seamless Integration Boosts Efficiency

A Dubai tech start-up struggled with scaling its operations. Gronteq's introduction of scalable IT solutions, including JumpCloud, enabled the start-up to double its workforce and improve data security, catapulting them to industry leadership.

Start-Up Success Scalable Solutions for Rapid Growth

An educational institution in Dubai grappled with an antiquated IT system. Gronteq's overhaul of their IT infrastructure, integrating JumpCloud and enhancing cybersecurity, led to improved administrative efficiency and a superior learning environment.

Academic Advancement Modernizing Education through IT

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