At Grönteq we make sure we have the right people and processes in place to deliver the services our clients need.


We are experts in enabling businesses to maximise value in their technology investments and allowing them to use IT to help grow their business.

Grönteq has expertise in a wide range of technology areas within many types of industries.

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Exceptional Management Advice

With over 50 years of combined IT experience our senior management team is ideally placed to provide the best IT advice to clients managers and business decision-makers to help businesses address challenges and thrive.

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Quality & Attention to Detail

We endeavor to offer unrivalled quality of service and always keep an eye on the little things that make all the difference between an average experience for our clients and an excellent one, every time.

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Business Aligned Technology

We don’t deliver IT solutions alone; we deliver business solutions that use IT as an enabler. We are experts at harnessing IT to support and grow businesses.

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Cost Effective Solutions

Having the best technology should not cost a fortune or take years to deliver and bear fruit. We know our clients want to see real results for their investments and that’s what we deliver.

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Best Practice Processes

Successful IT projects depend not just on the right technology but need the right business processes to ensure success. We follow international best practices in all our work.


The Grönteq difference is a result of our attention to detail and best practice procedures. We have the right tools and people in place to analyze, prioritize, and strategize in order to make the smartest technology decisions for your business.

Detailed On-boarding

Our meticulous on-boarding process process makes it easy and efficient to switch to our services quickly.

Evolving Best Practice

Our approach to continual improvement of best practices helps to identify changing risks and opportunities for your business.

The Big Picture

We identify your current technology issues and business goals and institute a plan to address risks and maximise success.

Technology Roadmap

We create a multi-year plan that aligns with your business goals and supports your current and future initiatives.