Ensure your company’s critical IT systems are up to the job and increase your business resiliency with IT consulting for small businesses from Gronteq.


Grönteq currently offers a comprehensive IT consulting for small businesses service that provides a full IT health check to SME’s without any commitment to buy services.

For established businesses, this service gives a complete overview of the strengths and weaknesses in their current IT setup and makes recommendations for improvement.

This facility provides start up businesses with a clear direction on how to structure their IT environment.

IT consulting and management services
IT consulting and management services

What We Cover

We carry out an in depth analysis of every aspect of your IT systems including your IT organisation in the following areas

    • Physical IT Environment
    • Network WAN & LAN
    • Servers , Storage, Cloud
    • Business Applications
    • IT Policies & Procedures
    • IT Skills & Training
    • Backup &Disaster recovery
    • Software Licensing

    What We Deliver

    We submit a report and make a presentation to  client management where we take them through our detailed report, highlight areas for improvement and recommend how to improve the health and performance of the IT environment.

    The recommendations made in our report can be used for short to medium term IT strategy planning.

    IT consulting and management services


    Grönteq’s principal service offering is strategic IT consultancy in a wide range of technology areas. Our services allow businesses to get the maximum value out of their technology investments and to enable them to use IT to help grow their business.

    We have highly experienced IT consultants in Dubai to provide clients with easy and cost-effective access to experts with the skills and knowledge to bridge the business technology divide.

    Get help making the right technology choices for your business.

    IT consulting and management services

    IT Management Services

    Today’s evolving and disruptive technology landscape has implications for all business and IT leaders. Our IT consulting and Management services help clients understand these challenges and explore innovative opportunities for growth with technology strategies that align business and IT for the most value.


    • IT Consulting Services
    • Interim IT Management
    • IT Strategy
    • IT Cost Reduction
    • Technology Refresh
    • Automation and AI
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    IT Resourcing Services

    Grönteq can also provide skilled IT resources to augment your existing team. Our consultants can help by planning and managing an entire project or just acting as an extra pair of hands. We can provide a single consultant for a short engagement or an entire team for a longer term.

    • Program & Project Management
    • Systems Architects
    • Software Developers
    • System & Network Administrators
    • Business Application Consultants
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    IT Governance

    Our experts are specialists in the fields of multinational IT, project management, IT governance and risk management.

    We operate independent of vendors and certification bodies, and encourage our clients to select the best fit for their needs and objectives. 

    We can provide executive expertise and technical guidance to senior management teams

    IT Governance Services

    We have a wide range of consultancy delivery methods, guaranteed to suit all budgets, timescales and project approaches – No project is too big or too small.

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    IT Consulting and Management Services

    Multi Industry Knowledge

    We’ve worked with public- and private-sector organizations of all industries and sizes, from micros to multinationals, and have successfully executed projects all around the world.

    20+ Years of Experience

    With over twenty years of practical experience working on projects in a range of public- and private-sector organisations across a variety of market sectors

    We help clients orchestrate and establish effective IT governance fully aligned to  business goals and priorities. We can provide consultancy services covering any type of technology project in any industry and any location.

    Comprehensive Services

    • Design & Development of a business-driven IT strategy
    • IT governance strategy execution,
      • Analysis of capabilities, people & culture
    • Business value analysis of existing and new initiatives
    • Design of IT governance structure and processes
    • Cost benefit analysis of projects and programs
    • Smart sourcing and use of shared service centres
    • Qualitative and quantitative bench-marking of strategy

    Business Continuity

    Business continuity planning is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company. In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable ongoing operations before and during the execution of disaster recovery. 

    managed it support services

    Current State Assessment

    Grönteq carries out an in-depth assessment of your current critical business processes and the technology dependencies. We also analyse current capability and maturity of your current business continuity and IT DR plans based on industry best practices and standards. The CSA will provide you with detailed findings, recommendations and metrics defining the current maturity and recovery capability of your business.

    BCP Development

    While many organisations have information technology recovery plans, we have found that most fail to address business process continuity in real world scenarios. Our teams design effective and thorough recovery plans and strategies that address the true impacts of an outage on your business operations focusing on the key people, processes, technology assets and data that are vital to your operations.

    BCP Implementation

    Grönteq can provide detailed designs and implement the technology infrastructure needed to recover assets and continue IT-supported business processes in all conditions. Whether you want in-house hot/warm/cold DR sites or would look to move your business continuity requirements to the cloud we can help you choose and implement the right solutions.

    BCP Improvement

    Business Continuity Planning is an essential ongoing process and regular testing, maintaining and updating of your DR plans is a critical component. We provide ongoing reviews that keep your business continuity and disaster recovery plans in line with evolving business requirements and objectives. This allows you to benefit from any new solutions and services available.